She loves with an unstoppable heart

After spending only a day with them, I found myself thinking about them long after the session was over. Weeks after the photos were delivered. And months since we last exchanged emails.

All three of them taught me something about family. And I walked away feeling a deeper connection to my own crazy babies.

I also learned that this mom’s heart is unstoppable.

She loves not just with kind words or soft gestures. She love with her entire being.

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She shows them how to love in a world that often times feels unlovable.

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She holds their hearts as well as their hands.

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Embracing her chaos with patience and hope, she is showing them how to be instead of telling them who to be.

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And they take it all in. Thriving in this beautiful place she has created for them.

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Because it doesn’t take much more than a mother’s willingness to be who she really is to create the space for her children to be who they really are.

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A little mischievous. A touch wild. And deeply loved.

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She is showing them that happiness is a way of life. It’s a way of thinking and being.

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And they get to see what a strong, undefeated, shining mom looks like.

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They are the definition of family. Held together by the moments in the day. The moments she creates by simply observing and cherishing the different stages they are flitting in and out of.

Beauty in the chaos

She sees her world the way I do. It’s not only outlined in silver.

It’s filled with it.


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