Saturday Morning Session :: complete with wrestling, pancakes and puppies

I don’t think it’s any secret that Saturday Morning Sessions are near and dear to my heart. They make me giddy, and I literally bounce out of bed at 5:30 on a Saturday when I know I’m going to be photographing someone else’s weekend morning. No coffee needed. Seeing their crazy, carefree mornings is like a triple shot of espresso. I could live off of it.

Meet the Buhalis Family. They came to me a few years ago and, like many of my families, I’ve secretly adopted them. All of our sessions are very “enthusiastic” (yes, that’s my euphemism for crazy) and awe-inspiring. With three kids and a puppy, you can imagine the energy level in their home, but they have this wonderful family dynamic that makes me want to pull up a chair and just watch.

It sounds a little goofy, but just knowing them makes me happy.

Their youngest is quite feisty and reminds me a lot of my own boy. A bit of a dramatic charmer. I kinda wanted to tuck him into my pocket and take him home, but I think they would have noticed. ;)

Pictures of two of my favorite things: bedhead and bare feet. They seem to scream Saturday morning. I can almost hear the thundering of his little feet down the hallway!

While their sister is helping dad make breakfast, the boys can be found wrestling in the livingroom.  I was quickly informed that they’re supposed to play it on their knees “for safety”. (The pictures are proof that they listen to you, mama!)

That picture on the right is hilarious! They were laughing SO hard… until someone got hurt. Naturally.

Okay. There are SO many things I love about the photo below. Dad’s expression is priceless as he watches his daughter crack the eggs. Bless his heart. He was really allowing her to do her thing. Even if it meant egg shells in the pancakes. (Now scroll down to the pancake flipping.)

Yep. Right off the side and onto the grates. But ya know what? It’s absolutely perfect. It was her first time flipping solo, and I think she did it beautifully! Dad looks pretty proud, too.

Cannot. Get. Enough. Bedhead.

And then there is the newest addition to the family in the picture above. She’s a total goofball. And about 1/8th the size of our puppy. I also wanted to tuck her into my pocket to take her home with me.

Tackle football with dad after breakfast was probably the highlight of the morning. The boys were thrilled, but I think dad enjoyed it the most. (He’s pretty awesome.)


Every so often I like to do a photo-breakdown to help you see what I see… in this picture below, I see a brother and sister who really love each other.  Sure they might not admit that, but look at their faces… she’s overjoyed at how funny she thinks she is (as she should be!), and he is actually enjoying it.  See that little smirk on face?  He might say he’s annoyed, but he’s not.  What really makes this picture complete for me is mom in the background.  It may not be obvious to anyone else, but she’s loving on her youngest while the other two play.  The only thing this picture is missing is dad – who happens to be sitting just outside of the camera frame hanging out with their puppy.  So if there were only one photo I could keep from this session, it would be this one.

Can you hear the squeals of laughter? Non. Stop.

However, they did slow down just long enough for a posed photo – yes, I’m all about the more natural moments, but I believe we still need portraits, too. (Especially if everyone is in their pjs!)

How long will standing on the step stool to brush her teeth last? And what about the mad dash down the stairs to go to football practice, a party, and soccer? (Okay, that one will probably last well into their teens!)

Ending the session with the youngest insisting on getting into his ninja turtle costume was fabulous! His mother not batting an eye? Perfection!

And now you know why knowing the Buhalis’ makes me happy. Want to see more? You can check them out at the start of school, Christmas time, and our first Family Life session… it’s so cool to see them grow up!   What stands out the most to me is how much their oldest has changed in just over a year and a half.  Little things like the shape of his face and the fact that his room was Star Wars themed before, and now it’s all football.

I’m honored to be a part of your lives, my sweet Buhalis family! XOXOXO!!!!

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