Our Most Important Work – Parenting Inspiration

A couple of months ago I exhaled as I pinned this quote to my Embrace Your Chaos pin board. It was the reminder I needed in that moment. The moment when I could feel myself balling up on the inside from the towering stress that goes hand and hand with being a small business owner and household CEO.

This simple statement allowed me to take a moment, shift gears and push forward… it also gave me permission to log off for the night and go snuggle with my kids (even if they were already fast asleep).

Inspirational Parenting Quotes

Since the original pin, I have subsequently attempted to re-pin it at least three times… it’s as though each time I see it, it’s new to me. Which is why I’m sharing it with you. And it’s also why I’ll be purchasing the print from ETSY. Apparently this working mama needs a daily reminder! And stronger coffee, because my memory has clearly taken a vacation without the rest of me (the audacity!).

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