Norwegian Pancakes, Childhood Art and A Swim School Family :: Photographs of Saturday Morning in Danville

She carefully tucks her plastic hair brush into her purse, placing it alongside her tangled bracelets and last remaining Polly Pocket. Slinging it over her shoulder, she pads out to the living room announcing to her mom that she’s ready to go to the doctors office… again.

Since the day she was born, this wonderful light of a child has made countless visits to hospitals and specialists. At just a few days old, she was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that thankfully has had relatively mild symptoms, but already at the age of five has seen the inside of more hospitals than most of us will in our entire lives.

And she does it with gusto and grace.

Meet the Oas family. And their fiery light.

Creative Family Photography in Lafayette, CA :: Jennifer Chaney

Like all children, she’s resilient and has made the most of where she is. She shares this magic with her family. Her little brother has his own magic, too.

Creative Family Photography in Danville, CA :: Jennifer Chaney

Most Saturdays will find them huddled around the kitchen island helping dad make his family’s Norwegian pancakes. Okay, her little brother doesn’t help as much as play, but who doesn’t love dusty, little flour footprints on the floor?

Family Photography by Jennifer Chaney - Diablo CAShe flies and twirls about the world… her brother always nearby, desperately trying to keep up.

Danville CA family photographer Jennifer Chaney

He can’t help but be affected by her. He can’t help emulate the same beauty.

Family Photography by Jennifer Chaney - Blackhawk CA

The painting hanging in his bedroom was done by his dad when he was a boy. This family is about heritage, nostalgia, and connections. It doesn’t get much more touching than this.

Family Photography by Jennifer Chaney - Danville CAThis strength this little girl has is like a beacon to her family. She shines blindingly bright. You cannot help but fall in love with her.

She is symbolic of the unbelievable strength that children have. And so are her parents.

Family Photography by Jennifer Chaney - Pleasanton CA

Jenny and Brian Oas run an All Star Swim School for kids because children are their passion. They want them to be safe in the water. And Brian is an huge advocate for special needs children and goes above and beyond to teach them to swim and enjoy water therapy.

They are the perfect parents for their little girl. They embody compassion and love.

If you have a child with any health or emotional issue, you have no choice but to adjust, just like they did. You move with each day as it comes. If you have to sleep on the hard bathroom floor for countless nights because your daughter needs to be close to the toilet, you do it. And you don’t complain. Gratitude isn’t simply an idea in their family – it’s a daily practice.

It is families like this, people like this, children like this that make me pause. That make me think. That make me grateful for just knowing them. The inspire me and give me hope.

Thank you Jenny and Brian… for being they people you are and showing the rest of use what is possible.

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