Sticky Walls and All :: Learn How to Take Creative Photos of Your Kids

Alright ladies. Are you ready to learn how to take everyday photos of your kids? More importantly, are you ready to learn how to find those magic moments hidden beneath the sawdust of your circus of a life?

If you answered yes, stick with me.

Starting February 1, I’ll be running a private group of moms through weekly photo themes and monthly challenges. (Yay! So exciting!!!)

My goal? To help you look at your family the way I would. To show you how amazingly beautiful your life is.

learn how to take creative photos of kids

I want to help you learn how to look past the LEGOs on the floor and dishes in the sink and shift your vision so it’s aligned with your heart and not your head.



For the next two weeks, I’ll have open enrollment for my Sticky Walls Facebook group. (Isn’t that the greatest name ever?)


Head on over there now and get in on the crazy goodness! Don’t forget to invite your mama friends (Dad friends are welcome, too. Just know that I’ll be talking to the moms, so if you’re cool with being lumped in with the ladies, then by all means, join us!)

Creative Family Photos

Taking the picture is the easy part. Learning to capture the right thing in a creative way isn’t, but I’ll show you how.


Cannot wait to see you all over on facebook! Let’s make 2015 the year of creative family photos!

Lifestyle family photographer Bay Area

P.S. While this group will cover a few of the basics of good photography, it is not a photography class. I won’t be able to help answer questions about the technical aspects of your pictures.