Lilly’s Plastic Purse (life lessons from a children’s book).

Sitting in the carpool line, waiting for the bell to ring and the chaos to resume, I realized that I forgot to volunteer in Chachi’s class.


This was perfect. I was already reeling from forgetting to pack his homework and knowing he was getting lightly chastised for missing it. To top things off, as I thumbed through my emails, I saw one that I was sure would be filled with wonderful news, but was mistaken. My idea for an online class was not only denied but was also dismissed as unmarketable. Something I had worked on for weeks (months!).

Sigh (again).

I was having “one of those days.” Nothing seemed to be going well. I felt like crying. It was all a little too much. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to bury myself under the covers or in a margarita.

Once the kids were in the car, my mind was filled with thoughts of them. Sassy had a decent day, although she was annoyed with something one of the boys in her class did at lunch, and Chachi was a little upset about the missing homework and my absence in his classroom.

And this is where things shifted for me.

As I was reminding them that tomorrow was a new day, I found myself listening, really listening, to my own words. I felt a shift and exhaled as I realized that this advice while it comes from a children’s book, applies to me, too.

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse.

Life Lessons from Lilly and her plastic purse - learning how to mom better.

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If you haven’t read this book to your kids, and they’re under the age of 10, I highly recommend it. Not because it’s a masterpiece, but because it has a simple life lesson that applies to all of us.

At one point in the book, the teacher says to a disgruntled Lilly,

“Today was a difficult day. Tomorrow will be better.”

Almost immediately after reading this book, I found myself repeating this exactly sentiment or a similar one. Usually I say, “We can try again tomorrow. Today was a hard day.”

Life Lessons from Lilly and her plastic purse - learning how to mom better.

Chachi is currently the frequent receiver of this profound wisdom, but I suspect Sassy will hear it many times during her preteen and teen years. And apparently it’s something I need to remind myself, too.

Because there always is tomorrow. And we get try again.

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