Another Beautiful Family Life Photography Session For This Young Alamo Family!

There is no greater compliment to my work than someone calling me to book another session.  I’ve seen this family four times in just over a year, and it keeps getting better.  We first met for their maternity pictures early in the spring of last year, and then I had the honor of photographing the birth of their second son at John Muir in Walnut Creek. You can see the slideshow here: birth photography.  Shortly after that they welcomed me into their home for a newborn family photo session.

Below you can see them living their lives and enjoying each others’ company.  From playing with blocks to hikes in their backyard, this family reinforces the idea that the simple things in life often mean the most.

Being asked to document so many new stages in this family’s life just fills my heart.  Thank you, Mama and Papa S for having me photograph your family again!  You are why I love what I do!

There is such magic about a family who truly enjoys being together.  The kisses, hugs, and smiles.  There is nothing more beautiful than a family who loves.

Alamo Family Photographer

The color picture above is beautiful.  The connection between them is so strong… you can see it in the way he looks at his dad.

We were venturing out into their back yard when the oldest just grabbed his parents hands and started walking them up the hill.  Not a word was said… I don’t think any were needed, do you?

Alamo CA Child Photographer

The last two photos in this set are perfect family pictures.  I love that they prefer more candid photography over the overly posed pictures.


I’ve saved the best for last… this picture embodies what family life is like with small children.  Golf on T.V. in the background while they hang out in the family room.  Look at mom’s smile as she watches her youngest build a tower.  And dad looking as his son in the chair.   They are just being who they are.  I love it!

alamo ca baby photographer

I reeeeally want one of these photos of my own family.  It just speaks to me.  :)

Lafayette child Photographer