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When she opened the front door I was instantly reminded of Thanksgiving. Not because there was a table full gorgeous, feast-worthy food, or football on in the background, or even loud conversations ringing through the halls… it was because her energy. I could see that her life is all about family. I felt instantly safe and at home. Her warmth permeated the entire house. In that moment, I knew they were special.

Meet the Loughmillers.

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They don’t wake up and make big plans for the day. With four kids in tow, they know their days, hours and even seconds are unpredictable and distracted.

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She laughs as she tells me how a normal day unfolds, “We live at the pace of toddlers.”

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One minute separated by walls, and another found them all rolling about in the same room. There’s a palpable, magical magnetic pull in their home.

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And in all of the chaos, the toddlers need their daddy time for their “daddy talks.” They quietly sit with each other. Waiting to see what the moment will hold. There are no expectations. This is their time.

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The quiet isn’t long lived. This is the ebb and flow of life with small children.

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I’m always in awe of families with four children. As one of my clients once told me, “you move to zone defence. Man-to-man is no longer an option.”

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The Loughmiller’s family dance is so fluid that you don’t see any breaks in-between songs. They move around their home, swiftly changing partners and rooms. Without missing a beat. It’s beautiful to watch.

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From happy to sad to deep cuddles. There is always unconditional love.

And the parents seem to bathe in it.

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Life isn’t as much as a circus as it is a ride. Wild at times and soft at others. But one thing is for sure. The Loughmillers are comfortable and confident.

They embrace their “toddler tornado of love.”

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