A big fat greek saturday morning :: spanakopita, pjs, and belly flops

I went to their home to photograph a Saturday morning, but I got  so much more than just pictures… I got a peek into what deep love looks like.   I’m fascinated (in the best way possible!) by how much family, friends, and food mean to them. It shows in every word they use and every thing they do.

He wakes early to make spanakopita and pancakes.  She hangs back and lets their daughter enjoy time with dad.  

It’s a weekend morning dance they seem to have perfected.

She climbs her mom like a jungle gym.  And beams at her when she reaches the top.  Her mom doesn’t mind.  She instigates it.  Which melts my heart because there is such a short window for parent climbing… I love the feeling of those little hands on our heads and the tiny feet trying to find traction along our backs.  And laughter that accompanies it is pure gold.

After climbing on her mom, she climbed on the counter to eat her breakfast.  I got a lump in my throat when I saw this.  I let my youngest sit on the counter because I remember as a child how special it was to sit up tall.  Up where you typically couldn’t see. To have a different view point for once.  To be big.

It’s such a simple gesture, and yet it will mean the world to this little girl when she’s older.  I can guarantee that kitchens will always be special to her.  Always.

He works, and like most parents, weekend mornings are the one time of the week where playing at 9 in the morning is not only encouraged, it’s expected.   His smile says it all.  Her squeals of delight and demands of “one more time!” make it even more special.  These are the mornings to cherish… relaxing and just being who we are with our loved ones.  It really is that simple.

Every session I have one photo that causes me unexpected pause.  The spinning one above is that picture for this day.  There is something magical about it.  I can’t see either of their faces, but I can almost feel her euphoria as her dad swings her about the room… the sensation of her heart as it floats.  Like your very first ride at Disneyland.

She’s learning the Greek alphabet.  They really know how to do things right.  Heritage. Family. Food. Friends.

This was a special unique session for me.  What started out as a Saturday Morning Session turned into a Family Life session and I have more that I want to share.  But I can’t have a blog post go on for hours, so I’m breaking it up into two (maybe three!) posts.  Yes. I know.  That’s a whole lotta sharing!  But it’ll be worth it.  Trust me.

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P.S. So badly I want to know what she was thinking as she looked out the window in that last picture.  She said something about a bunny and then quickly dashed off.  I’m left wondering if there really was a bunny there, or did she just want there to be one? …I almost prefer the imagination of a child over the reality of a bunny. :)

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