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the Manos family :: baby legs and big brother

She walked into the front of the room, flashed her megawatt smile, and proceeded to kick our butts with a ridiculouslyView full post »

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Does your family look like this? Please say no…

Two weeks ago I padded out to our mailbox to sift through the pounds of paper recycling when I flipped by Xfinity’View full post »

Take better photos with your phone

New!!! Online Beginning Photo Class

Guess what time it is? No, it’s not Hammertime, but I love the way you think! It’s time to learn how toView full post »

Coffee, belly laughs, and baby legs :: Tiburon Family Photography

When she said her favorite activity was to talk to her husband of more than a decade, I was hooked. These beautifulView full post »

best time to get pictures of my family

The best times to get family pictures taken

When I’m 80 years old, my husband and I will be living with one of our two children (whichever one lives on theView full post »

Put Photos in Albums

Photo tip feature on IHeart Organizing!

A couple of years ago, I found the adorable Jennifer Jones over at IHeart Organizing and have been drooling over herView full post »

The insanity of motherhood

There have been several times over the past few years where I have openly expressed concern for my sanity.  SometimesView full post »

Jennifer Chaney Family Photography North Bay Area

Saturday Morning in Larkspur with the Edelen Family :: photo bombs and basketball

When she told me that her kids wake on Saturday morning and dash down stairs with hopes of doughnuts or coffee cake, IView full post »

Jennifer Chaney - Danville Beginning Photography Classes for Moms

Last minute gift idea for moms :: Beginning photo classes for the East Bay area

Need a last minute gift?  I’ve got new photography classes lined up for 2014 and this holiday season they’ve foundView full post »

Best Family Photography Jennifer Chaney Bay Area 01

A letter to my littlest clients :: you have layers and I love it

There is a running joke in our family that our youngest, Chachi has two emotions. Over-the-top enthusiasm and deepView full post »

Make Buddy The Elf Winter Wonderland

Turn your home into a winter wonderland – perfect craft for busy moms!

I think my kids are part Eskimo.  Or at least their Nordic heritage is showing because those two wild ones can’t getView full post »

Child photographer Lafayette CA

Lafayette family’s chaotic love :: bubble baths, a new baby and mimosas

When I see the email in my inbox, I giggle on the inside… I know when I open it I’m going to be happy.  ItView full post »

How to take picture Thanksgiving Jennifer Chaney

Four Thanksgiving photo tips for mom – tipsy elves included

It’s 10 a.m. and the kitchen looks like it was ransacked by tipsy elves.  Nearly every cabinet is cracked open, theView full post »

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Sisters :: One Photo

What looked like would be a quick little nuzzle, wound up lasting far longer and being much more… She loves herView full post »

How to dress for family photos

What to wear for family pictures :: redefining what it means to be perfect

It was 9:30 in the morning and my plans had been thwarted by a wild tumble to the ground that strongly resembled a drunkView full post »

Bay Area Family Photography

The Sanborns in San Francisco :: carosols, alcatraz and sand tag

My music was too loud.  I couldn’t hear what he was saying.  I just kept walking… I didn’t need toView full post »

Mom quote - glitter eyes glass half full

She wore Birkenstocks and watched with glittering eyes…

Growing up, I had one teacher that remains unrivaled to this day.  She wore Birkenstocks with dresses, cooked lentilsView full post »

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My Summer in 16 Squares :: Instagram Rewind

At the start of summer I finally caved and begrudgingly singed up for Instagram.  I say begrudgingly because I hadView full post »