Family Life in the Berkeley Hills :: babies, guitar solos and explorations

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Lilly’s Plastic Purse (life lessons from a children’s book).

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Crowdsourcing Motherhood – Share your story. Be in the parenting book.

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She loves with an unstoppable heart

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Candid and relaxed family photography - in the home and at the park. Jennifer Chaney, Family Photographer

Bed head, Playgrounds and Scooters :: Family Photography in Palo Alto

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How to Take Creative Halloween Pictures- Jennifer Chaney

How To Take Creative Halloween Pictures of Your Kids (8 Quick Tips!)

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Creative and candid family photography done in the home on a Saturday morning - Jennifer Chaney, photographer

Norwegian Pancakes, Childhood Art and A Swim School Family :: Photographs of Saturday Morning in Danville

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Children's books can be mind-numbing, and other's will subtly teach you about parenting. Many Moons by James Thurber

A princess, a moon and me in first grade (simple parenting lessons from children’s books)

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Jennifer Chaney Family Photographer Piedmont, CA

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My Secret Weapon to Capture the Best Photos of Your Child

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